Quality Assurance


Benchmarked to Global Standards of Excellence

QA is an independent function at CBCC. QA serves as a backbone to maintain CBCC’s Quality Management System (QMS) by complying with various national and international regulations. QMS is reviewed and updated continuously to improve overall quality standards and meet the expectations of Sponsors and regulatory agencies.




Integrated quality checks at each critical step of the trial

Execute audits right from the initial data collection stage to the final trial of clinical study report (CSR) stage

Comprehensive audits enable us to rectify issues on time, which helps us improve processes for future trials

Ensure accuracy and consistency of data from entry into the CRF to final datasets reported in final CSR

Identify all potential risks related to trial reliability and GCP compliance and propose actions to mitigate risks in line with existing business needs and strategies

Site audits for trials to assess protocol and regulatory compliance to ensure the safety and welfare of the subjects are addressed

Robust audit almanac based on study endpoints and complexities of a trial

Execute pre-inspections at sites to remain all-time ready for regulatory inspections

Periodic audits of third parties to ensure compliance