Navratri & Employee of the quarter

October, 30 2020

Keeping in mind the global COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the nation and in tune with the safety guidelines set by the government for everyone, we celebrated Navratri at CBCC along with our quarterly event of ‘Employee of the Quarter-July to September 2020’.
Rohit Chhabhaiya, Uday Davara, Ravi Gamdha, Fany Shah, Brijesh Gajera, Tanu Sen, Parth Tiwari, Kashyap Gohil, Mayank Parmar, Mr. Mayur Vichhwawala and Mr. Ravindra Patel were adjudged for their extraordinary performances during the current quarter and were given the ‘Employee of the Quarter’ award.
In addition to this, we also organized a ‘Garba-wear (Dress) competition’, the winners of which (Mr. and Ms. Best-dressed) were chosen through voting, and only one vote for each title per person was allowed. All our employees who were working from home also actively entered the contest by dressing up and sending us their pictures. The winners of ‘Ms. Best-dressed’ were Ms. Jaini Shah and Ms. Rheann Ranji. This event resulted in a double-win for Mr. Mayur Vichhwawala and Mr. Ravindra Patel who were also awarded the titles in the ‘Best-dressed’ category.
True to the rich tradition of Gujarat, we celebrated Navratri with aarti and prayed to Goddess Durga and all her nine swaroops for showering us with true joy and blessings.

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