Navratri Celebration

October, 10 2019

We organized CBCC Garba on the fourth day of Navratri. We celebrated this auspicious day with all our employees and their family. We performed Aarti and prayed to Goddess Durga. We whirled away in concentric circles with the idol placed in the circle’s focal point, slowly building up the tempo and with each passing circle; we felt gripping spiritual energy filling up the room.

As a part of the event, we handed prizes to the best dressed and the best performers of the night in the following categories:

Best Performer (Male): Kashyap Gohil

Best Performer (Female): Fany Shah

Best Dressed (Male): Mayur Vichhwawala

Best Dressed (Female): Saloni Raval

Best Dressed (Children): Jiyan, Vanshi, and Saanvika

We would like to thank our judges, Mitul Oze, Nidhi Gandhi, and Deepa Naik and all the participants for making this event a great success. The event was followed by delicious food.

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