Fun Friday Celebration

December, 05 2019

At CBCC, we celebrated the last Friday of the month filled with Fun and games! Game: Balance the Balloon All the participants were divided in groups of 5 into 4 teams. The play-area was transformed into a curved route. Each team member had to balance a balloon with a fellow member and walk the path in a chain, without dropping the balloon. The team that could complete the path in the shortest time were declared winners. The winning team comprised: Shrujal, Zil, Nikunj, Swati, Meshwa, Jaini and Ashok

Birthday celebration: The event was closed after celebrating the birthdays of the following employees whose birthdays were falling in the month of November: Parv Dave, Jinal Gajjar, Manoj Vyas, Saloni Raval, Isha Singh, Pranit Parmar, Leena Patel, Neelam Mahaparle, Surbhi Vyas, Rheann Ranji, Kashyap Gohil

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